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Free Market research & market analysis tool is a free online app for market research, customer research and research of marketing strategy.

Use this free niche research tool (Facebook Miner, Instagram Miner, Pinterest Miner & Ecommerce Miner) to find winner products and winner ads for your niche market.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Find successful campaigns and copy it!

How to use?

1. Type the main keywords of your product and Start Mining!
2. In your facebook page scroll to the post with most engagements to find winner product & winner ad.
3. Use Instagram Miner, Pinterest Miner and Ecommerce Miner to find more about your niche market.
4. Create funnel or store for your products.
5. Make Ad Copy and a good luck in the implementation!

Marketing strategy

Change Site options (Just Pay Shipping, Free Shipping, 50% OFF, ....) to find more about your competitor's marketing strategies.

Market trends

To find current winner products & winner ads please adjust the When options.

Competitor analysis

Use Ecommerce Miner to find your competitor's stores and get more infos of business competition with seo tools like Similarweb.

Amazon best sellers

For checking findings are bestsellers please use amazon best sellers list. Use the Ali Express Search to finding supplier for your product.